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Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Recording in the studio and on location…

In any city, there are many places to record. Whether at a recording studio, club or auditorium, some rooms are better for rock, while others are better suited for jazz, or classical. In my view, it’s better to record in a room that’s good for the music and then mix in a room designed for accurate mixing. It’s difficult and expensive to build a tuned mix room with full-range monitors, but it makes a big, big difference in your finished music. That’s why I built MixRoom:RED.

So... record in a room that works for the music, mix in a room built specifically for mixing...

Makes sense to me. Makes sense for you.

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Craig Harding

“Do no harm.” My approach to Mixing…

The technology and mixing techniques I use have evolved over the years, but my underlying approach remains the same; find the truth, the soul, the emotion and bring it out, without leaving fingerprints.

As Dr. Hippocrates advised: “First, do no harm…”

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 Waldschmidt, Harding, Curtis and Harris

Robinson Park—1984, Waldschmidt - Harding - Curtis - Harris

In the mix since 1979…

Whether I’m mixing a band’s original music, or mixing sound for picture, my approach is still the same: what does the song want? What does the film want? How can I help your creation get to the place it wants to go?

I’ve been making audio sound its best for years. That’s important. Perhaps more important, I don’t need to change your music into my music. I’m here to help. The musical cab driver who gets you to the airport on time, in tune and in one piece.

I can mix the tracks you’ve already recorded, or I can help you record from the beginning and move through mixing. I’ve been a studio client myself and didn’t like paying by the hour, so these days, I charge a flat rate. No “ran out of budget” problems. No surprises.

It took over a year to build MixRoom:RED, I think you’ll be very pleased with what the room and I will do for you.

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