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Built specifically for mixing… just makes sense.

Recording tracks around town:

I’ll guide the recording process and/or produce tracks with you: $100 per 10/hr. day or 5 days at $400.

I can recommend a choice of tracking rooms according to your music, your preferences and budget. You can make your best deal and pay the tracking room directly.

Whether you want me to produce your project with you, or just mix tracks you’ve already recorded, I’ll check you out live, or at rehearsal beforehand so I can get a feel for your style and direction. This is my pre-production time investment. No charge to you.

Mixing at MixRoom:RED:

  • less than 3 songs, $325 per song
  • 3 songs, $300 per song
  • EP 4+ songs, $285 per song
  • Album 8+ songs, $250 per song

When a clock is eating your money, it tempts you to hurry up and compromise… There’s no clock here. Just a flat rate. Less tension, better music.

No Risk, No Cost, No Problem Guarantee: Have some songs that need mixing? I'll mix one to show you how I can help. No cost, no obligation, no problem.


  • CDR/DVD Project Archives, $45 each
  • CDR Reference, $5 each
  • Audio files upload or send, $0 no charge

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